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Charles I. Arthur, 65, of Beaufort, South Carolina and widower of Sarah Arthur, died Wednesday, November 8, 2017, at Beaufort Memorial Hospital.

United States Marine Corps honors will be held at 10 o’clock Thursday, November 16, 2017, at Beaufort National Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, the family request memorial contributions are to be made to your local humane society.

Online Condolences

  1. Leasa Terrell says:

    I’m lost for words…I’m sad because your gone..You will be miss and love…You have gone to be with your beloved wife Bonnie…I knew I should have hug you longer when we were there last month.. R.I.P. Uncle Charlie
    Love and miss always.. you’re in are

  2. Lloyd Arthur says:

    Charley, Man I don’t know quite what to say, I’m very sorry that we did not stay in touch with each other. But when we did see each other it was like we didn’t miss a beat. I want you to know I love you and that you will always have a special place in my heart. R.I.P. Bro.

  3. Lloyd Arthur says:

    My condolences go out to your sons and loved ones I’m very sorry for your loss

  4. Tiffany L Keene-Hayes says:

    Sarah Lorene “Bonnie” Smith Arthur, she loved the finest things life had, she loved her animals, she loved us, she adored her husband-and he adored her. She was graceful and elegant. My favorite memory of her was as a child, she had this huge seafood dinner made for all 5 of us and we all sat at the table and enjoyed it. I remember her being there for all the times I was sick; chickenpox, the wasp sting in my mouth, when I had diarrhea at school! (that was an embarrassing moment.) ect..Her being there made the best childhood. She raised me from the age of 2 years old till 8 in Beaufort, SC (then I moved in with my mother around that time. At that time, I only saw my mother and father once a year, I was ready to have them both in my life) Her and my Uncle Chuck gave me a wonderful childhood. I didn’t see it at 8 years old, but years later I realized they were amazing guardians. I will keep all the love they both had for me, along with all the memories. She was fair, a hard worker (they both were) and she always did what she could to make us happy. She passed on September 25, 2017. The last time I saw her was when I was 8 years old. The last time I talked with her was over the phone about a month or two before she passed, and I was planning on a trip to see her when I had break from classes. I got the news a week after her passing. The beginning of October I went down to visit with my Uncle to be with him during this tough time. He lost the love of his life, his other half, although he tried his hardest to show us he was strong, I knew deep down he was broken. I understood. I told him I would be coming back to SC to visit him again November-ish once I was able to get the time away from school and travel with my brothers. I received the news that my Uncle Charles Ira Arthur (Chuck) passed away November 8th,2017. I knew he wouldn’t have made it a year due to all the health issues he had going on and then my Aunts passing, but I didn’t think it’d be so soon. My favorite memory of my Uncle was all the times he was teaching me responsibility, having my brothers and I do chores (raking the yard, taking care of the animals ect…) I didn’t respect it then although at times I enjoyed helping him rake after mowing the yard. The bonding time was important to me, and as an adult I understand what he was teaching me. That moment I had diarrhea at my school (again a very embarrassing moment) I remember him picking me up from school; rolling down the windows of the car telling me how bad I smelled ‘Ha-ha’ and not to worry he would get me home and get me cleaned up. Another favorite memory was fishing on the dock with him. My brothers were catching fish, but I never had the patience to catch anything. My uncle went along with me saying the bait was my catch to my brothers. Him and my Aunt were also the ones to teach me to ride a bike without training wheels. I kept falling off and they both kept encouraging me, eventually I got it. =] My Uncle was strong, stubborn, and protective. He was there for me. These two people mean a lot to me and I know once I moved to Indiana we talked mostly on the phone, but they were and are always in my heart. Without them, who knows what kind of childhood I would have had. Thank you both for giving me that, I’ll remember you every day and I’m sorry I couldn’t have been there more in my adult life. Again, thank you for being my parents and giving me an amazing childhood. I love you both forever and always.

    Note this: Life is a gift, family & loved ones are a gift. Your life can end at any given moment. Things, objects, money…are not going to matter when your life comes to an end, the ones holding your hand; the ones who have you in their thoughts and prayers, the ones who love you: That’s what matters. Make memories, because they are important. It matters and right now that’s all I’m holding onto, and the love my Aunt and Uncle had for me; along with life lessons.

  5. Richard Arthur says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Rob and Scott. We didn’t stay in touch much like we should have but we will keep Charlie in our hearts and cherish many good memories we have. We are sorry we can’t be there with you Rob and Scott.

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